June 4th Artisan Market
Vendor's Information

Vendor Application

Vendor Fee $75-$125.

Late +$25

Vendor Booth Regular Sale Ends on 5/28/2023. Price Will Increase Afterward.

Market Day is on 6/4/2023

Vendor Fees are Collected into a Pool to Pay for Amenities and Services to Make the Event Run. Those Include & Not Limited to the Lease of the Venue, Special Performances, Marketing, A/V, Staff Members, Equipment, Insurance, and Security. Once the event is executed, We will not have funding remain.

No Refunds. No Shows are Forfeit. Bookings are Non-Transferable.

We are NOT Responsible for Weather Events nor Any Incidents Outside of Our Control. We Cannot Guarantee Foot Traffic. Vendors Must Gauge Their Own Risk before Participation. 

We Reserve the Right to Remove Any Vendors that Does Not Comply the Rule of Law and Our Code of Conduct.


Our next event is the June Artisan Market. This event is craft vendors focused. There a dance recital on site from Hunter Dance Center to provide base foot traffic. We will do additional marketing for all vendors. Some activities can provided.

Arts/Craft Vendor Managed by Openair Company

Arts/Craft Vendors Application

Non-Cooking Vendors

Please Fill Out The Form

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MATCH is a high quality arts and performance center. We have the indoor gallery space for our market.


Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston

For Arts/Craft, Fashion, Non-Cooking Food Vendors

Cottage Food Law

If selling baked goods, vendors can do so following the Cottage Food Law of Texas. Another good page to visit regarding non-temperature sensitive food items https://texascottagefoodlaw.com/

Food Vendor's Permits Requirement

Vendors are allow to sell live prepped food items in the open air per festival or event by the use of TEMPORARY FOOD DEALER PERMIT. If vendor have permanent food dealer license from City of Houston, vendor must present license at the time of selection and display at booth.

Site Map

Arts and Craft / Non-Cooking Market Spot - 8'x8' (Indoor)

Vendor Fee $125

Arts and Craft / Non-Cooking Market Spot - Single 6' Table (Indoor)

Vendor Fee $75

Arts and Craft Market

6/4 Sunday 10am - 4pm

Non-Cooking Food Vendors (No Eating On Site)

6/4 Sunday 10am - 4pm