Code of Conduct

World Famous

Vendors are encouraged to engage the customers in a interactive way. What's does it mean exactly? Well, Glad you asked! By making your food prepping into an art performance. By showing teamwork with your coworker with fun exchanges and jokes with the customer. By sharing experience on social media with the customer. We follow the example set by the Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market.

Creative Competition

What world do you live in? It wouldn't be America without the free marketplace of the friendly creative competition. It's the thrill and the challenge to make the unique menu items better than the one next to you. Make it fun. Make it interesting. Make it the guilty pressure of the prefect weekend night out. Make it the once in a life time food porn everyone can enjoy. Make it the viral sensation that breaks the internet. Make it world famous!

Social Media Sensation

All Vendors must set up a place for customers to take picture and share on social media every time they make a sale. We like to use the example of the Taiwanese Boba sensation Xing Fu Tang. In the grain of the world famous philosophy, We encourage every vendor to make your preparation into a performance art.

Vendor's Ethics

Vendors must provide good seller's ethic and observe rules and regulation enforced by the City of Houston. Vendors must display the food permits or temporary food service license required by the City of Houston in front of the booth. We reserve rights to expelled any violator of rules and regulations required by the City of Houston. 


It is our responsibility to our planet. We encourage all vendors and attendees to use compostable utensils at event. And, all waste materials to be collected after themselves before, during, and after the event.

No Disorderly Conduct

We are family friendly event open to the public to attend. All vendors and attendees must conduct themselves in a friendly manner to the person next to you. Disorderly conduct is strictly forbitten. Violators will be expelled from the event and taken by the police for prosecution.

No Refunds

We collect vendor fee and sell tickets to rent venue spaces and provide activity/shows to attendees. With the remainder goes towards logistics and marketing to make the event run. Vendors should be adware of audience/programing of each event to provide proper merchandise and menu items. We are not responsible for poor sales or no shows.

Firearm Strictly Forbitten

We strictly forbit firearms at the night market. We will have police and security on site to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Violators will be rejected entry and expelled.

Police and Security

Police and Security will be present during the event to ensure the safety of all participants.